Cotton Patch Photography
Rotan Jr-Sr Prom 2020

I am so happy the Prom 2020 was held before COVID-19 overtook the world!  Since we are still in the midst of social distancing, in person viewing and ordering for Prom will not be possible for some time. I encourage you to complete your orders soon.  There may be delays in prints being delivered as some of the professional labs that I use are in areas that have shut down non-essential business, as those labs are considered non-essential.  They project being open in mid-April but this pandemic is a fluid situation that may delay things past that time.  Prom Package pricing will be valid through April 30, 2020.  I will prepare your orders as soon as I receive them for upload to the lab, and I will get orders to you as soon as it is possible! If you have any issues, need assistance in ordering, or questions about ordering, please call me 325-735-2010! I will be happy to assist you in any way! Thanks for your patience and understanding as we all deal with a difficult situation.  

Cotton Patch Photography

Jaye Neice Clements

905 E. Johnston

Rotan, TX 79546